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Neighborhood Transformation
Small Claims Court
Collecting on a Judgment Without a Lawyer
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Congratulations!! You filed a lawsuit in Small Claims Court and you won. Now what do you do?

Without a lawyer most people would find it far too complicated to use the Court to seize the defendant's property (cars, real estate, fishing boats) or to initiate a "garnishment" (seize bank accounts and paychecks)

BUT, there are two relatively easy things that people can do without a lawyer to help collect on a judgment
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Comprehensive Guide to Collecting on a Judgment

1.   Record your "Judgment" in the Public Record. The "Public Record" is where deeds and mortgages are recorded. Putting your Judgment in the Public Record creates lien on any real estate that the Defendant owns. In other words, if he ever wants to sell or mortgage his property he'll have to pay you first.

How to do it:
2.    Have the Court to Order the Defendant to Appear at a "Hearing in Aid of Execution". This forces the defendant to show up in Court and disclose information about their income, bank accounts and property. Use the following forms: