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U.S. HUD Releases Assessment of Miami-Dade CDBG Program

The following are highlights of HUD's review of Miami-Dade's OCED progress on expending CDBG funds in a timely manner, carrying out Consolidated Plan priorities, etc.

In April of this year, HUD commended Miami-Dade on expending over 92% of its CDBG funds on activities benefitting low or moderate income persons (far exceeding HUD standards), but is expending CDBG funds too slowly noting that "including the FY2001 CDBG grant, the County must draw down a minimum of $28,061,502 by October 31, 2001 in order to meed HUD's CDBG timeliness requirements (no more than 1.5 years worth of funds unexpended). That amounts to $4.7 million per month..." In turn, OCED, in a June 25th memo, has implemented the following procedures to obtain compliance:

*----A formal process for tracking actual progress/results relative to the projected 1.5 ratio compliance plan.

*----The aggressive identification of opportunities for the reprogramming of funds to alternative agencies in order to accelerate expenditures...

*----Periodic meetings/reviews with HUD Miami (and OCED)...

*----Weekly meetings with County departments for the purpose of analyzing the status of unexpended allocations balances...

*----Conduct comprehensive reviews, weekly, of all allocations to County and other agencies with unexpended balances to facilitate follow-up with agencies to, a) identify problems/reasons for slow expenditures and to correct such problems (e.g. lack of a contract an/or environmental clearance or action needed by OCED to approve a budget amendment, subcontract, solicitation for services or bids, etc.)

*----Review and expedite internal procedures for the selection of architectural and engineering services and the bidding and award of contracts for construction services on an ongoing basis, in coordination with the GSA Department, Office of Management and Budget, and the County Manager's Office.

Additionally, the County has hired a national consultant to conduct "efficiency and operations review" of OCED's Community Development Division, focusing on administrative systems and processes; the entire RFA process and procedure; and overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

The County since April has recaptured and reallocated $9.3 million in CDBG dollars and has a possible $9 million in a new Float Loan Program. The unexpended CDBG balance at October of last year was $46,676,974 and coupled with new FY2001 monies will climb to $69,700,974. However, with the recent aforementioned recapture/reallocations and additional projected drawdowns of $22 million, OCED projects to fall into HUD compliance by October of this year with an unexpended balance of $34,536,000.