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Jeb Bush Wants to Gut Affordable Housing
To Pay for Everglades Restoration

But - There ARE Alternatives

The following an analysis that the Coalition performed based on the recent recommendations from the Governor's office to use $145 million of Sadowski affordable housing monies for Evergaldes restoration representing a 27% cut in state affordable housing support. Given the real budgetary constraints, let's look at what the State is not collecting through State tax exemptions (taken from The Florida's Senate Finance and Tax Committee, year 2000) and see who is getting what and how much.

Special Interest
State Tax Exemption

Estimated Revenue
Loss From State

Sales of Boats or Airplanes Removed from State
$61.2 million
Flyable Aircraft (partial)
$6.1 million
Condominium Recreational Leases
$7.4 million
Convention Hall Subleases
$5.7 million
Sales of Religious Items
$8.1 million
Sales of U.S./State Flags
$1.7 million
Complimentary Food Items
$.6 million
Leases/rentals for certain property for movie productions
$4.3 million
Fabrication labor used in the production of qualified motion pictures
$7.6 million
Printing for out-of-state customer when paper provided
$10.1 million
Purchases of machinery and equipment by new business
$20.9 million
Machinery and Equipment purchased by expanding businesses/spaceports over $50k
$27.4 million
Certain Motion Picture/Recording Equipment
$5.8 million
Certain Aircraft Modification Services
$1.7 million
Aircraft maintenance/repair labor charges over 15,000 lbs.
$2.4 million
Master Tapes, records, films, tapes
$23.9 million
Sale of satellites/space vehicles & tangible personal propertyplaced on satellites
$129.5 million
Fish Breeding/Bee Keeping
$.1 million
Annual Subsidiaries of Certain Professional Sports Teams
$14 million
Professional Golf Hall of Fame
$2 million
International Game, Fish Assoc. World Center Facility
$1 million
Super Bowl Tickets
Movie Theater & Certain publicly/ privately owned facilities -concession rents
$1.5 million
2% rate abatement for coin-operated amusement machines
$3.7 million
Certain Magazine Promotional Materiasl
$3.1 million
Tax on Contact Lens Molds in Excess of $100,000
$3.4 million
Purchases of crab bait by Commercial Fishermen
$.4 million
Feed for Poultry and Livestock including racehorses & ostriches
$24.4 million
Alcoholic Beverages used by businesses for tasting
$1.2 million
Cell phone towers & Related Equipment
$2.5 million
Internet Access Fees
$32 million
Newspaper/Magazine Inserts
$38.5 million
Sale of horses at claiming races is taxable on 1st sale, then only on mark up
$.4 million
Complimentary meals served at hotels/motels
$3.1 million
Race dogs sold by Breeders
$.1 million
Certain Advertising Services
$13 million
$469.7 million