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Broward Housing Crisis

2/28/02: The following gives a picture of what is quietly becoming a crisis in Broward County. Based on recent diagnostic analysis and studies, Broward is on the cusp of experiencing a monumental challenge in the provision of affordable housing units to current and new residents. The following information was compiled by The National Low Income Housing Coalition. The problem simply boils down to: 1) the number of poor, unassisted residents in Broward, is at an all time high while the number of housing units available to them is decreasing; 2) the "housing wage" one must earn to afford a one or two bedroom unit anywhere in the County exceeds the minimum wage by a factor of 2.5; and 3) low wage workers in Broward are increasingly faced with impossible demands on their ability to live in safe, decent, affordable housing.

The State

In Florida, Fair Market Rent for a two-bedroom unit is $628.
Fair market rent for a one-bedroom unit is $512.